The Golf Juice®

 "The Golf Juice DOES clean EVERYTHING! My hands were slipping on my club from sunscreen, and so I took your word for it and just sprayed and wiped. The Golf Juice was Green Magic - it removed all the sunscreen from my hands and I was back to crushing the ball. Well, OK, back to my normal shot!" S.F., Okemos, MI, 06/21/17.

Kim Gower


Kim has been golfing since she was nine. Her first round was played with her dad on a balmy 43 degree day in Jackson, Michigan at Sparrow Hawk Golf Course. Despite large patches of snow on the ground and a less than respectable 113 (yeah, for nine holes - hey, I was nine!), Kim has been a fan ever since (of golf, but she still holds a tiny grudge against her dad). She has an impressive collection of balls from courses around the country, and is guilty of spending large quantities of money on great equipment. Hence, her love of The Golf Juice to keep it all in top condition.

How Much GR$$N is in YOUR Golf Bag?

Chuck Gower

Inventor Emeritus

Chuck invented The Golf Juice based on the same love for the game as his sister (and same problem with buying the best equipment), causing him to work tirelessly to find a product that was safe and effective in cleaning and protecting his balls, shaft, club heads, shoes, gloves and, occasionally, his forehead. Chuck prefers hitting the ball into other peoples’ fairways, but with The Golf Juice he finds a straighter, cleaner shot has helped shave some much needed strokes off his game.